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Morning sit about and walk about

Sweet Marie enjoying the sun and the shade this sunny morning in Don Chao Poo Forest Park, Phana District, Amnat Charoen Province in North-East Thailand.

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Killing in the forest

Finding dead monkeys in the forest is a fairly common event. We estimate that on average 5 o5 6 monkeys are killed every month, most of them by traffic on the road outside. Newborn infants are also vulnerable and seeing a … Continue reading

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The Magic of Don Chao Poo Forest, Phana

Don Chao Poo Forest, in Phana, Amnat Charoen Province, is regularly described as a ‘magical’ place. Residents of Phana who regard the forest as the home of the village’s guardian spirit, might not find this surprising. The forest itself may … Continue reading

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Thai PBS discovers Phana

Back in December we were approached by a film company based in Ubon which had been commissioned by the TV channel Thai PBS to make a film of the Phana Monkey Project. They were with us for three full days … Continue reading

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Monkeys and Mushrooms: A Day’s Work before Breakfast

I have been starting the day by visiting Phana Hospital for the past week. We have often heard that the hospital is somewhat plagued by monkeys but when we visit to count them we rarely see more than 4 or … Continue reading

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Young male long-tailed macaques at play

Young male long-tailed macaques spend a lot of time playing. And long-tailed macaques of all ages seem to enjoy exploring and using human-made artefacts. In this sequence of photos by Elliot Capp two young male long-tailed macaques in Don Chao … Continue reading

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Long-tailed Macaques in Singapore–a different approach

Our recent trip to Singapore threw up some similarities but more differences concerning the long-tailed macaques there and here in Phana. In Singapore the macaques seem to be perceived as a ‘problem’ at least by the powers-that-be and presumably by … Continue reading

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