Monkey Birth Control Phase 5 continued

The monkeys of Don Chao Poo Forest Park, Phana, were visited again by Vets from Department of National Parks, Ubon Ratchathani, plus one from Khon Khaen. They operated on more monkeys in April 2019.


DSC04561 (2)


While more patients awaited their turn.


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Monkey Birth Control Phase 5

Monkey Birth Control Phase 5 is about to begin. Department of National Parks  vets will be operating on males and females (about 100 in total) starting on 4th April. Preparation began with the arrival of cages on Saturday.cages arrive

Then yesterday, Sunday, the mayor of OPT Phana, Kanok Sonsil, people from DNP and and OPT Phana, together with Pensri Whiting of Phana Monkey Project gathered at the Chao Poo shrine in Don Chao Poo Forest for a ceremony to request a blessing from the guardian spirit.

CP group


Later, cages were sited in the village of Don Khual. They will remain open for a few days so that monkeys can be accustomed to them.

cage location BDK

This morning, young monkeys started to explore the new structure:



While older and wiser monkeys bided their time and kept a watchful eye on the young ones:DSC04514

Maybe tomorrow there will be food in the cages.

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Volunteer visit Phana

Visit the lovely village / town of Phana in rural north-east Thailand.

Phana is famous for its 300-year old Buddhist temple and the 1,000+ monkeys that live in the local forest.

Stay in the homestay at our Research Centre, with free wi-fi and bicycles

Logo  twins pic

Get to know the monkeys

            Feed them

            Give them fresh water

            Clean up after them

Enjoy exploring the local markets, trying all the different foods available, exploring the village and its surrounding countryside.

Watch this video of a couple’s trip to Phana and  their first few days here:

For more information on volunteering here


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lauren 6

For some time now, we have not been able to accept volunteers to the Phana Monkey Project, but that has now changed.


Tell us who you are, when you would like to come, and how long you would like to stay. OH YES! Tell us WHY you would like to come here.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Mind the Monkeys!

New book published

We have recently published this book which tells the story of the Phana Monkey Project over seven years — the ideas, Phana people, the students, the volunteers, the forest, and, of course, THE MONKEYS!

Full cover

Available now!! Order direct from the author at reduced cost!
$12.29, £9.25, Euro 10.45, THB 450 all postage FREE
Order by email to

PLEASE NOTE that the full printed edition (12 pages of colour photos) is also available from Books Mango ( The Print on Demand (POD) version from Amazon will have all photos in black and white!

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Male Macaques guarding the young

monkey feast 6

At this time of year we see more instances of adult males taking care of young juvenile monkeys. Most often this takes the form of an adult sitting with a group of juvenile males playing together. The role of the adult seems to be that of a security guard. He doesn’t get involved in the play, but sits within a meter or so of the young ones, and constantly turns his head to ensure that there is no threat coming from any direction. He looks exactly like the bodyguard of a head of state, in fact.

But this photo, taken in August, shows two adult males with about 40 juveniles sitting around unhusked rice provided in front of the Chao Poo Shrine. There is just one female to be seen close to the group (picture 2) and there are others sitting further away, but none in the main group.

monkey feast 6crop2

picture 2

The two males are sitting opposite each other, and although as with play-group guardians, they looked around them occasionally, but never at each other. Neither was interested in eating the rice during the roughly five minutes I was observing them.


picture 3

It seemed clear that they were close allies, and probably the dominant two of their troop, but I saw nothing to suggest which one dominated the other. However, one male caught my eye because he was sheltering an infant.

monkey feast 1crop

picture 4

I had seen an adult male, probably this one, sheltering an infant several times in the last few days. The infant was certainly happy to be with the male, because on one occasion I saw them sitting next to each other and then the adult started to move away. The infant ran after him and attached himself beneath the male just as he would have with his mother.

There are several reasons why this situation may have come about. The mother may have dies or abandoned the infant. The adult male may have stolen the infant (I saw an adult male carrying and sheltering an infant last year, too.) Another possibility is that another monkey took the infant, and this adult male rescued him.

Fortunately, infants not old enough to be weaned off mother’s milk are nevertheless able to take small items of food so with continued care and protection this infant should be able to survive.

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Morning sit about and walk about

Sweet Marie enjoying the sun and the shade this sunny morning in Don Chao Poo Forest Park, Phana District, Amnat Charoen Province in North-East Thailand.

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