The following areas of research have been identified as being helpful to the Phana Municipality in formulating their plans for the forest and to provide information about the macaques for display in the proposed centre.

Data gathered by this preliminary research will aslo form a base from which later, more specific research can be carried out.

  • making  a population census: number of troops, family groups, etc
  • mapping the range of troops
  • identifying natural food sources and supply in the forest
  • observing the nature of human / macaque interaction
  • identifying the variety and frequency of macaque / macaque interaction
  • investigating
    • use of forest habitat for feeding, sleeping and other activities
    • degree of dependence on food supply additional to that found in the forest
    • effect of food supply  by municipality, villagers and visitors on
      • population numbers
      • health
      • interaction with humans
    • relation between population and size of forest

Volunteers with some knowledge of long-tailed macaques could also be very useful to the project by:

  • Compiling annotated photo collections / sequences
  • Making videos / power point presentations
  • Devising mini observation tasks suitable for primary / secondary students
  • Contributing to information brochures for visitors
  • Locating, listing, adapting (?) resources for use in the centre
  • Designing informative display panels
  • Advising on improving the feeding of macaques by visitors

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