Admin (re: Simon Duval)

Simon particularly enjoys providing water for the monkeys. This is something we try to do every day. Two things can stop us: too much water in the form of rain, and too little (none, in fact) when the water supply is cut off for reasons we never learn.

The monkeys enjoy it, too, when Simon provides them with water, but they are not very patient, as you will see.

Our system for providing water is that we fill dustbins with water and load them onto a push-cart and deliver the water to 8 tubs made from recycled truck tyres which we have put in strategic locations about the forest. Here is a monkey drinking from one of them:

phana dia 2 (16)

The water is piped from this tap into the dustbins …

2007-01-01 00.29.37

… but the monkeys often can’t wait to get at it:

2007-01-01 00.29.50

Here is Simon with the push-cart and empty dustbins …

2007-01-01 00.36.23

 … and Elizabeth:

2007-01-01 00.56.37

While Elizabeth is distracted by the photo opportunity, the monkeys take advantage of the parked push-cart.

The monkeys are keen to get to the water …

2007-01-01 00.00.53

… but they are just as keen to play in the empty dustbins:

2007-01-01 00.31.59

2007-01-01 00.37.11

And sometimes they just fancy a photo opportunity themselves:

2007-01-01 00.59.09

And finally, here are some of our Study Centre pupils showing how the water provision really should be done:


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