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More of the Thai Monkey Forest Fauna

Long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) are the most obvious inhabitants of Don Chao Poo Forest in Phana, but they are not the only ones. Two other species which generally make themselves scarce when people are around, can be seen by someone … Continue reading

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Long-tailed Macaques in Singapore–a different approach

Our recent trip to Singapore threw up some similarities but more differences concerning the long-tailed macaques there and here in Phana. In Singapore the macaques seem to be perceived as a ‘problem’ at least by the powers-that-be and presumably by … Continue reading

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Guardian Spirit in the Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest known locally as DON CHAO POO is situated on the eastern edge of Ban Phana. The people of Phana believe that the original village was situated close by, possibly where the small satellite village of Muang Sawat is now. … Continue reading

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