A Day in Don Chao Poo Forest, Phana

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The Phana Monkey Project has been working with several people in Phana to carry out the forest survey that is part of a project initiated by Mahidol University at their Amnat Charoen campus.

One of the things that this involves for us as for the other 11 forests currently being surveyed, is to provide a monthly report and mini-exhibition that keeps all the forest surveyors aware of what the others are doing.

The next ‘exhibition’ will be held at the end of next week (Friday 21st November 2014) and Phana’s exhibit will be a short video we made recently. The video was shot and edited by Chris Love, the script by Pensri and Lawrence Whiting and the Thai voiceover is by Nan Wacahiraya Senpeng, a student at Phanasuksa School and a member of the survey team. Chris Love did the English voiceover.

First, the English-language version:

and now, the Thai-language version:


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