Twins born to Long-tailed Macaques in Thailand

A pair of twins were born in Don Chao Poo Forest last year and once or twice recently I have thought I have  seen them but it is very difficult indeed to distinguish  individual monkeys and particularly so when they are juveniles. This year, at least one pair of twins have been born and it is possible that there are two pairs. Certainly I have seen a mother and a pair of infants in two locations which are usually frequented by monkeys from two different troops.

In addition to the difficulty of clearly identifying the mother, another complication is that infants are often ‘borrowed’ by other members of the family group, and at times are watched over by others in the group – a sort of baby-sitting service – and this is most obvious when twins are concerned.

Here are some photos of the twins I see most often and almost always in the same location.

DSC06940   DSC06941  DSC06945DSC06947                 DSC06784DSC06728    DSC06638  DSC06646    DSC06650

The pair of monitor lizards has recently returned to the tree they lived in last year. We had been worried that they might have been hunted because they are considered a delicacy and fetch quite a good price in the market. Last year the female gave birth earlier in the year than this, but in the last few days she has been sunning herself and it is apparent that it won’t be long before she gives birth again.

DSC06937      DSC06938

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