Long-tailed macaques in Phana as seen by Elliot Capp – ace photographer

One of the four researchers who came as volunteers to Phana earlier this year after completing their MSc degrees in Animal Behaviour at Exeter University was Elliot Capp. He left us with over 1500 photographs and I think I know each one of them now. They are so good that I look through them frequently. I have used about 150 of them as the core of the exhibition of long-tailed macaques that illustrates the natural history of these monkeys and some of their most frequent behaviours. As a kind of sideshow, I have chosen 18 portraits from the many superb pictures Elliot took.

Here are the 18 that I chose, but believe me, I could have multiplied the number several times. Please CLICK on the images to see them at their best.



I will be putting up more photos by Elliot Capp very soon. The problem I have is that it is so hard to limit the number and also to show the range of macaque behaviours he was able to capture. In addition to that, he also took pictures of butterflies, birds and a monitor lizard devouring a frog – not to be missed!

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I have been in and around North-East Thailand for more years than I can recall. I now live here permanently. I have travelled in 32 countries on 3 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa) so I am a bit of a traveller.
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1 Response to Long-tailed macaques in Phana as seen by Elliot Capp – ace photographer

  1. Ashley says:

    Elliot certainly has an eye for a good picture. Looking forward to seeing more. I can imagine Kim & Ben will like the monitor lizard shot!

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